Waldoboro Utility District

Contact us:

Email: info@wudme.org
Phone: (207) 832-0422
Fax: (207) 832-0423
Emergency Sewer Service Line: (207) 542-1509

P.O. Box 848
Waldoboro, Maine 04572

Office is located at 850 Union Road (Route 235) Waldoboro, Maine

Office hours currently vary. Please reach out to make an appointment. 

There is a secure mail slot at the office next to the door for payments to be dropped off if the office is closed when you arrive.


Gordon C. Webster, Superintendent



Effective May 1, 2022

SEWER SERVICE RATES [Last changed May 1, 2016]

Water use based rate (1)                         $8.85/100 cu.ft.

Minimum billing                                       $70.80 (800 cu.ft.)

Flat rate for residential single family (2)  $106.20 per quarter

NOTE: Customers with no water use for billing period pay minimum.


Inspection charge                                     $75.00

Sewer System Development Charge      $5.55 per gallon (3)

Please reach out to our office for the necessary application and information on how to hook up to the wastewater system. 


30-Day Notice                                       $1.00 plus direct cost of mailing

Registering of Lien                                $25.00 plus all registry costs

Notice of Foreclosure                            $3.00 plus direct cost of mailing


Interest on late accounts                          varies (4)

Returned Check                                      $10.00 plus bank charges

(1) Customer with public or private water meters

(2) Other customers with no public water or water meter pay based on water use as estimated by the District.

(3) Based on State Plumbing Code.  Single family house = $999.00

(4)  Up to maximum annual percentage rate permitted by State of Maine

Please note: Account balances are updated on the website on a weekly basis. Online transaction fees are charged by the vendor, MuniciPAY for the pay online service – E-Check $1.50 flat fee per transaction; Credit Cards 2.5% per transaction. 

If you have questions about your billing statement, please contact Waldoboro Utility District. If you need technical assistance, please call MuniciPAY at (877) 590-5097 or via email at support@municipay.com.


Board of Trustees

Mr. Fred Bess, Chairman & Treasurer
Mr. Sam Chapman, Clerk
Mr. Gordon E. Webster
Mr. Mark Barbour
Mr. Mike Thayer

Frequently Asked Questions

When are billing statements mailed? Billing statements are currently mailed quarterly, mid-month in February, May, August, and November. Each billing statements covers the prior three months of service.

What do I do if my bill was higher than usual? Check around for any leaks, running toilets, any unusual water usage which may add up. If a leak is suspected, reach out to Maine Water who will assist with a leak investigation and, if applicable, a leak adjustment. Their number is 800-287-1643. If approved by Maine Water for a leak adjustment, they will send us documentation to show how many cubic feet of water to deduct from your wastewater bill. We will adjust accordingly and send you a new bill providing the new amount. If your bill was already paid in full, the adjustment amount will be applied as a credit to your bill and deducted from any amount due following the next billing cycle.

I just purchased a house in Waldoboro. How do I update my account? Welcome to Waldoboro! Please reach out to our office, either by telephone or email, and we will gladly update your wastewater account and answer any questions you may have. If your new property is serviced by town water, you will also need to reach out to Maine Water to update your water account. Their number is 800-287-1643.

Do you offer an autopay option? Currently the vendor we are using for online payments does not have an autopay option, but we are waiting to hear more when they do, and will communicate any newly added options to customers if approved by our Board of Trustees. Customers can utilize their bill pay feature with their banking institution of choice, many of which offer autopay options. Simply contact your bank and they will assist you in establishing the autopay option, using the information located on your wastewater billing statement. There are no restrictions as to how often you can pay your wastewater balance, provided it is paid by the due date to avoid any late fees. You can pay any amounts weekly, semi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, even annually. The choice is yours! Any credit balance will be applied to the next billing cycles, and you will continue to receive billing statements to monitor your balance. $25 a month for metered customers can cover almost half of all billed customer’s wastewater bills based on usage at or below 800 cubic feet at the current rate; $36 a month could cover a nonmetered customer’s wastewater bill at the current rate.

If I fall behind on my bill, do you offer an installment plan? Absolutely. An Installment Plan Form can be mailed or emailed to any customer with flexible terms that work for you. As long as the bill is paid within 10 months from the initial charge, and is paid regularly, we will waive monthly interest charges and avoid a Lien on the property. The balance must be paid within the 10 months however to avoid the Lien. 


We’re Here to Help

If you are facing financial difficulties with paying your wastewater bill and you qualify, there are programs which can help.

  • Waldoboro residents can apply for assistance by contacting the CLC YMCA Community Navigator Karen-Ann Hagar-Smith for the Waldoboro at the Town Office (207) 832-5369 x 308 or (207) 403-4116 to see if you qualify for additional assistance. More information can be found www.waldoboromaine.org.

Additionally, customers can make payments in any amount on their account, whether weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even annually. Your account will be credited when your payment is received in good order, and any amount owed will be deducted from the credit amount during the billing cycle. There is no minimum payment amount. You will continue to receive billing statements so that you can monitor your balance.

 Please reach out to our office if you need assistance at (207) 832-0422.

Do Not Flush!

  • Wipes (even if labeled flushable)
  • Baby wipes
  • Fats
  • Oils
  • Grease
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Condoms
  • Tissues
  • Floss
  • Band Aids
  • Cotton balls
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Kitty Litter
  • Food waste
  • Coffee grinds
  • Egg shells
  • Cigarette butts
  • Paper towels
  • Napkins
  • Plastic gloves/face masks
  • Other general garbage

Always dispose of these items in a trash can. It can save you from dealing with messy, costly sewage backups in your home caused by blockages in your lateral line. It can also help prevent sewage overflows caused by blockages in WUD’s sewer lines and harm the environment.